A Don’t Pass Craps Betting Strategy to Try


Don't Pass Craps

What is your go-to tactic when you’re at the craps table trying to increase the return on your don’t pass craps? Because you’re working with lesser odds than the pass line bet, craps don’t pass bets are also known as “betting badly” in the community. Don’t-pass bets are often made by dragging chips to the don’t pass craps line as seen above on most online tables.

What Happens When You Bet ‘Don’t Pass craps’ or ‘Don’t Come’

In essence, the “Don’t Pass craps” wager is the reverse of the “Pass Line” wager. The “Don’t Pass” bettor will win wherever the player or shooter loses since all the rules that often result in a win for the player or shooter will cause the bet to lose.

This specifically means that “Don’t Pass” wins on 2 or 3 and loses on 7 or 11 on the “Come Out” roll (the initial roll) (and is usually a push if the roll is a 12). The “Don’t Pass” plays after the point is established until either the point or a 7 is rolled. If the point is hit, “Don’t Pass” loses and wins on a 7.

The same rules apply to “Don’t Come,” and you can dial a “Come” number at any time (or it can be set by another player). The “Don’t Come” plays against it using the same guidelines as the “Don’t Pass,” treating the “Come” as a distinct point.

Why Most Players Don’t Play ‘Don’t’

The “Don’t Come” and “Don’t Pass” bets are forbidden at the craps table. When the “Pass Line” and betting on the point are considered the “right side” bets, they are referred to as “wrong side” bets or simply “wrong” bets. This is because the “shooter” and “point” bets are regarded as “player” bets, whilst the “Don’t” bets—those that cause the shooter to lose—are regarded as “house” bets, as they result in casino gains.

If you play Craps in a genuine casino, you should be discreet when placing ‘Don’t’ bets because you are essentially playing against the entire table. When you wager “Don’t Pass” or “Don’t Come,” you usually step away from the social aspect and camaraderie that make Craps so well-liked. You won’t share their enthusiasm for winning, and you’ll probably be left out of the dice roll.

Why Play Don’t Pass

A good story needs a villain, just like a good Disney fairytale. In its most basic version, betting “Don’t Pass” can be entertaining and add a little competitiveness to the game. The game may seem more interesting because you feel like the underdog or that you are playing against the odds.

But there’s a good reason to wager: the probabilities are on your side. With a typical house edge of just 1.41%, the “Pass Line” wager in Craps is among the best in the casino. The house edge on the “Don’t Pass” wager is slightly lower at 1.36%. If you only bet on the numbers, “Don’t Pass” makes sense.

You can still place “Don’t” bets online at casinos if you’re still concerned about offending other casino patrons.


Many craps tactics are effective in online casinos. Craps has the beauty of being you vs random numbers and dice likelihood, unlike card games where you have to read the table and the other players, whether you play in Las Vegas or at Wild Casino. The don’t pass craps betting techniques presented here are effective no matter where or how the game is being played.